What's the utility of the API? How it works?

AdBlock lists are regularly updated so domains or scripts can be blocked in a very untimely manner.

The API gives a possibility to provide you with functioning domains and scripts in real time. Our system daily verifies the validity of domains and scripts we provide and in case of blocking, automatically allocates the new ones.

Therefore the implementation of the API script has to be done only once and then operates totally autonomously.

How the API works?

How is the API effective?

  • Automatic chosen script: the API selects the right script that is not blocked by adblock lists.
  • 2 uses of API:
    • Generate the entire script
    • Generate only the domain script

WARNING : The API should be called only a few time per day and the result should be cached.

Need help? 

Feel free to contact us at support@adback.co

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